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Health Protocol  Offers treatment protocols for all kinds of health conditions.     
GreenMedInfo   Search 10,000 health topics   
Dr. Mercola  Great website with lots of information. You can also sign up for a daily newsletter. 

Dr. Mercola's articles directory page.

Dr. Stanly Bass  This is a very interesting website. Natural Hygiene is a 150 year old self-empowering healing and health philosophy that was started by medical doctors.   

Doctor Yourself  The website title says it all.  

Alkalize for Health  Lots of information with a theme of cancer prevention.     

Natural Health  Another website for researching health issues and natural treatments.      

One Radio Network  Listen to live interviews or listen to podcasts of previous interviews.   

Dr. Robert Morsend  All ways good to go outside the box now and then. This link is to Dr. Morsend You Tube videos. Dr. Morsend is a fruitarian and presents a strong case for eating fruits.